Monday, July 24, 2017

Best Man I Can Be

Bringing it back to inspirational music of the 90's...because there have definitely been a lack these past couple of years. 

Music with lyrics that mean something, and men (fine men!) than can SANG! 

I miss the nineties. And I really, really wish there was a live version of this song. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Tony Moly Master Lab Vitamin-C Brightening Mask

Mask review time! Another Tony Moly one today. And as all the previous ones-a gift from one of my bestest friends (Thanks Tia)! So far the Tony Moly ones have been getting the most views. I think it's the most popular brand in the US. I don't know much about Koreans skincare-but somehow I do know this brand. 

So here we go with the review!

Tony Moly claims:
This master lab brightens skin with Vitamin C

So I'll start off by mentioning I like to put these in the refrigerator. It's the middle of summer. And it's hot. So it makes a nice, refreshing little treat. And I hear the cold is good for the skin, something about stimulating lymph nodes and drainage or something or other. So I took mine from the fridge and got busy prepping my skin for it. 

I was expecting a very lemon scent-and I wasn't wrong. It almost smells like the those hot hand towels that you sometimes get on the plane or at restaurants to clean your hands when you are done eating. I love those warm towels. I'm not a big fan of the scent in a face mask-but it's not very strong and doesn't I soon forgot about it!

I kept it on for about 30 minutes. And when it was done I took the leftover serum and rubbed into my neck, chest, arms....basically everywhere so as not to waste serum. Silly me forgot to check out what my skin looked like after. I just went straight to sleep.

The next day my skin was a bit brighter. And nicely hydrated but not oily! I had no extra oil production like I did with the some of the coconut ones. I have combo skin and this seemed to work perfectly on it.

Water, Glycerin, Diprpylene Glycol, Propanediol, Olive Oil PED-8 Esters, Butylene Glycol, Vitamin C, Methylpropanediol, Glyceryl Arylate/ Acrylic Acid Copolymer, Propylene Glycol, PVM/MA Copolymer, Chlorophenesin, Hydroxycellulose, Disodium EDTA, Xanthum Gum, Sodium Hyaluronate, PEG-60, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Licorice Root Extract, Ginger Root Extract,Schizandra, Chinensis Fruit Extract, Japonica Root Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Caprylyl Glycol, 1,2 Hexanediol, Dipotassium Glycyrrizate, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Carbomer Arginine, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Acoorus Calamus Root Extract, Penilla Ocymoides Leaf Extract, Vitamin E, Fragrance.

It still doesn't top my favorite Dewey Tree Tea Tree mask. But I think I've just found my 2nd placer. It's a good option for summer or more oily skin for sure!

Now I'm off to try the Broccoli Seed one! I thought it was going to be the first I was going to test drive-but I ended up saving the ones I was most curious about for last!


Project Pan #19

A little late, but number 19! That's crazy. I'm almost to 20. If I had kept up with the updates I probably would have been further along-but consistency is hard. I think I've finished 18 or 17 eyeshadows. Almost as many updates as I've done. Two bronzers. A foundation. Primers. I've almost finished up one of everything....and a lot more I'm probably not remembering!

1. Too Faced Brow Kit- I've definitely made some great progress. I think I might finish this powder up in the next year. I should probably go fill in my brows now just to see if I can use up a little more. I don't like to wear this out, it's too harsh and the wrong color. But I will put it on when I get home. Probably not the best way to use it up...but it works. And I feel like I'm getting my coins worth. Even though I still hate this kit.

2. NYX Minimalism Lipstick- DONE! I thought I would never use it up. And there is still more lipstick in the cap-which I had no idea they put lipstick there...but I threw it out. Can't be bothered using it up, if I'm being honest.

3. Stila Rio Palette- I'm pressing on and still trying to use up this palette. I wasn't going to add this color- but I figured I might as well. I just hit pan on it a little bit ago-so might as well keep going! It's super chunky and flaky so it's not to hard to use it up.

4. Make U Forever Aqua Eyes Liner- I use it everyday. It's not the best liner because it won't stay in my waterline. It's really whittling down. After this is done I will prolly move on the the brown that I've also have forever!

5. L'oreal Sassy Duo- This one I'm a little sad about trying to pan. It's a nice cool (a little bit of warmth) taupe-brown-purple shade. I love this color. I heard way back it's a dupe of MAC Satin Taupe, which I've never seen. But it's also similar to Rum Raisin in the Too Faced Semi-Sweet palette. So I really should just go ahead and use it up!

6. Too Faced Piano Keys Eyeshadow- This is a huge white shadow. Maybe satin finish. It's not my color. It just doesn't do a whole lot for my eyes-atlhough it is wearable, it's just not my best look. For now it's been reduced to brow highlight. Lightly applied and mostly wiped off. It will be gone one day!

7. Lorac Primer- I'm so tired of this primer, but i'm determine to use it up! Soon. Very soon. Well, probably not but I'm trying to be optimistic. 

8. Smashbox Halo Powder- I'm tired of using powder foundations and I'm ready to get a liquid one. Or a BB cream. Or even a tinted moisturizer. Just anything other than powder. I have no idea how much is left. I only know that it seems to be lasting forever and the packaging still feels heavy. 

I think that's about all! I've added a ton of new products. Can't wait to see these all empty too! Do you protect pan- how is it going for you?


Monday, July 17, 2017

NARS Outlaw Blush Review

I've been meaning to get this review up forever. I probably could have written it about a month ago. I think maybe I was just too lazy to take pics. My phone camera just doesn't pick up color like my old broken camera used to.

The ultimate authority in blush, NARS offers the industry's most iconic shades for cheeks. Natural, healthy-looking color that immediately enlivens the complexion. A light application of even the highest-intensity hues delivers a natural-looking flush.
  • Silky texture in matte and shimmering shades
  • Micronized powder ensures soft, blendable application
  • Iconic NARS shades

Nars describes this as a soft rose tone with with golden shimmer. I would probably say it's a muted raspberry sorbet with golden glow. 

I don't remember when or why I bought it. Probably because I was drawn to the color in the store and bought it on impulse. It is a very, very pretty color. And it's basically got glow built right in. No highlight needed. 

I do like the color. Although it's one I have to be careful with. It's not like my favorite NARS Lovejoy which basically goes with anything. I have to really be careful what I pair with and clothing. It's very summery..and fresh. But pair it with the wrong thing and it will have me looking crazy. I like nude-lips lips and neutral eyes with it. Anything else and I feel it looks overdone.

Ignore my brows- they haven't been acting right the entire month!

And it has that hard pan texture some of my other NARS blushes have. Which make it hard to pick up. And a little harder to blend unlike Lovejoy. For that reason I like to use it with harder, slightly scratchy brushes. Like the  MAC 129 and 116. 

The good thing about it, it lasts all day. Until I wash it off. I think it's also because it's a color I can get away with applying a little more of to make it show on my skin.

NARS blushes are made in Canada. They cost $30 for .16 ounces. In comparison MAC blushes will run $22 for .21 ounces and Urban Decay are $26 for .23 ounces. They are quite a bit more money than most blushes. Some of them are worth it, some really aren't. 

Overall, it's OK. If I ever got through the pan, I wouldn't buy it again. Especially as it's so pricey and I don't really love it. I it.  But maybe $10 like it, not $30. 

Zucchini & Coconut Bread with Coconut Lime Rum Glaze

It was about time a baking recipe came along, I was getting tired of cooking real food and really just wanted to break out the mixer and go for it. I've made tons and tons of zucchini breads...zucchini pineapple, zucchini raspberry, zucchini spice, zucchini raspberry, zucchini chocolate chip.... The list goes on and on. I don't think I've made a zucchini coconut before. And certainly not with any alcohol involved! So I was down....

I got the recipe from The Novice Housewife. And I think the original recipe comes from another blog.

It was easy to make. Just started out creaming the butter and sugar. There isn't much butter in the recipe- I think the greek yogurt is supposed to a healthy substitute for some of the butter. I added in the greek yogurt, the eggs, rum, vanilla extract, rum, coconut, flour, baking soda, salt and flour. And I ended up with a decent looking batter. Surprisingly, although it seemed I added a lot of zucchini-it wasn't that zucchini heavy!

I poured the batter into my super cheap, dollar store bread pan. And baked for an hour. Yes, a whole hour. And it came out perfectly done and pretty.

I made the glaze. I eyeballed it rather than measuring anything out. And I added some rum to it per the recipe. It tasted kind of odd. The lime juice was nice, but I think the rum gave it an artificial flavor. And yes, I bought an entire bottle of rum just to use two teaspoons- guess I'll also be making Pina Coladas this weekend too! I went through enough to get the stuff (this guy was trying to talk to me-but I ran out the store extra quick-I didn't look too hard, I think he was cute, but I just wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone-especially in a liquor store!). 

Anyway this was the finished bread. Super pretty. But just a little bland. The coconut flavor didn't do too much to the finished bread. I think it needed some spices or something to up the flavor. 

Interesting to try- but I have better zucchini bread recipes saved to my pinterest board. In case your interested though I will link the recipe right here. Although this recipe didn't quite do it for me, there are others I definitely want to give a go from the same blog. 


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Biggs and Featherbelle Koala Bar Review

I just had the nicest session of block therapy. I used to be the most block happy person but for some reason the last couple of months I've just been slipping. So I added a couple more people into the block list of my phone. I've just been going through this thing where I noticed "friends" were only interested in talking to have conversations about themselves. Without any interest in me...just droning on and on about them. And I'm not a person that really likes to talk about myself (except here on my blog maybe), but every now and again someone showing interest in blabbing about something other than themselves is nice. So after a little retail, workout, and reading therapy, I'm feeling a lot better. Especially since my FAVORITE show Game of Thrones is FINALLY coming on tonight. I just need to figure out how to get my TV back to English-because it's been Spanish since early May. And I really need to fix it by tonight. 

But let me stop blabbing..this is a soap review!

Biggs and Featherbelle claims:
 An exotic tree retreat for the shower.

Key Ingredients
Eucalyptus essential oil:
stimulating aroma
Tea Tree essential oil:
antiseptic & antifungal
Spearmint essential oil:
lift the spirits
Olive Oil:
moisturizes & easily absorbs, does not clog pores
Poppy Seeds:
gently exfoliate the skin

I've picked this soap up many times in the store- and every time I thought it was straight up mint. It wasn't until I read the label I realized it was mint, tea tree, and eucalyptus. It reminds me a lot of Bath and Body Works Stress relief line-which is Eucalyptus Mint. But then it has the tea tree in it-which kinda ruins it for me. I know Tea Tree has great benefits- I'm a big fan of it. I just didn't really like it in this soap.

Other than me not being a fan of the scent everything else is great. It's not drying (it is late summer though, and my skin usually is a lot more hydrated this time of year), it lathers nicely, and the poppy seeds provide some nice exfoliation. 

It does melt a bit quicker than those triple-milled type of bars. So it's generally not the longest lasting. I find that to be the nature of handmade soaps in general though. 

And like always- it's completely natural and made in the USA. 

Distilled Water, Saponified Oils (Olive, Cocount & Palm), Poppy Seeds, 

Vitamin E & Essential Oil Blend (Tea Tree, Eucalyptus & Spearmint)

It's not my favorite. I would recommend the Bar La-Mint over this if you are looking for a mint soap from this company.